The S8 Incurve SCBA – The World's Most Cleanable SCBA

Industry leading breathing performance, revolutionary materials less receptive to carcinogens, ergonomic design, unmatched communication features, advanced sensors, telemetry capabilities and tracking technology. Discover the S8 Incurve SCBA now!

The S8 Incurve SCBA

Wear it for your health,
not just for safety

Long after leaving a fire scene, firefighters can be exposed to toxic and carcinogenic agents contaminating their personal protective equipment. To reduce this risk of long-term health problems, we developed the S8 Incurve SCBA Firefighter System, with an absolute minimum of textile parts, making it less susceptible to contamination and much easier to clean. The ergonomic harness distributes the air cylinder’s weight perfectly, while its regulator system delivers industry-leading air flow rates along with the lowest breathing resistance of any NFPA approved SCBA.

Key features

1. Integrated breathing valve with unique ambient air hatch 2. Wireless Heads-Up Display for cylinder pressure and PASS status 3. Shoulder Straps and Hip Belt made of rubber with an absolute minimum of textile for easy cleaning and to be less receptive to carcinogens. The adjustable and swiveling hip belt and the swiveling shoulder straps move independently for maximum mobility. 4. Integrated PASS and SCBA computer, and mechanical pressure gauge 5. Docking device protects the cylinder valve from impact 6. Lights positioned around SCBA for 360° visibility 7. Body-shaped shoulder straps and hip belt for optimized weight distribution and comfort 8. Rescue handle for emergency dragging

Easy Clean approved

Easy Clean is our unique concept for safe, fast, and effective cleaning of the Interspiro SCBA. With an absolute minimum of textiles, Easy Clean products are less receptive to carcinogens, and when combined with our own detergent allows for a clean result after every wash. Read more about Easy Clean.

A closer look

Experience superior comfort

Fit is easily adjusted from inside of harness for different body sizes, the waist pad is both adjustable and swiveling, and the ergonomic shoulder straps distribute weight away from the neck muscles.

Wireless Heads-Up Display

The built-in HUD gives you cylinder pressure and PASS status through colored LED lights. The air pressure LEDs are visible from the outside so firefighters can easily monitor their fellow firefighters air status.

360° visibility

Blinking lights are positioned around the SCBA for good visibility even in bad conditions. The lights change color indicating PASS status and air pressure.

Unique air hose protection

When other engineers leave their air hoses exposed, increasing the risk of burning material getting caught and damaging the firefighter’s turnout jacket, our engineers developed a unique rubber protection that runs over the shoulders.

Personal Alert Safety System

Our PASS excels at everything you’ve come to expect, but add the accessories Spiropulse and Spirolink and you’re looking at another level of safety. Now you can track and find lost firefighters with ultrasonic technology, as well as send evacuation signals directly to the PASS. More on back page.

Protected docking device

Impacts can damage the cylinder valve. Our docking device will withstand even the heaviest of blows. Additionally, we’ve made the valve handle diamond-shaped, for easier handling when wearing gloves and to prevent accidental closure of the cylinder valve.

Improve your S8 Incurve SCBA

Recommended accessories and systems


A three-in-one communication unit that features:
• A unique and proprietary Mask to Mask hands-free voice activated Team Talk Radio
• Bluetooth wireless technology for Long-Range Radio Activation (PTT)
• Voice Projection Unit
• Perfect fit for the Spiromatic™ S8 mask


A proactive telemetry system. Allows an incident commander to make informed decisions for the safety of the firefighters. The incident commander can monitor individual firefighters with regards to cylinder pressure, remaining air time, temperature and PASS status. The system can also be used to send evacuation signals.


An integrated tracking system that allows a RIT team to track down the wearer. When every second matters the unique Ultrasonic technology of the SpiroPulse gives the RIT team a direction as well as a path toward the down firefighter.

More information

Health in the fire service

Work-related cancer is the biggest danger for American firefighters. Read more about the silent threat.



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