The story behind Interspiro

For almost 90 years we have developed respiratory protection for non-breathable environments above and below ground. Our technological milestones have been numerous and many of them have since become industry standard. From 201X we have been part of the Ocenco group, one of the world leaders in respiratory protection.

From the early days of AGA to this day




Interspiro began its existence as a part of AGA – a multinational industrial group started in 1904 by Swedish Nobel laureate Gustaf Dalén. Early on AGA diversified from navigation aids and gas to a wide range of core related products, including regulators to save gas in AGA's lighthouses. These regulators found their way into applications for the medical field and for respiratory protection in the 1920's.


Breathing valve with inhalation and exhalation in the same diaphragm.

The same pressure, suppressing the breathing work by a reduction of pressure differences, affects the valve.




Hydrostatic weight balancing of the breathing bellows.

Through hydrostatic balancing the pressure difference between lungs and breathing bellows is eliminated.


Positive pressure.

Using the knowledge gathered during the development of the fighter air craft apparatus Aviatic and years of physiological studies Interspiro develops the first system with positive pressure. Today positive pressure is a standard around the World.


Fog free face mask for diving.

Dry air flushes the inside of the visor keeping it fog-free.


Introduction of 300 bar technology.

A considerable increase of the duration with small cylinders. By using double cylinders with a common cylinder valve the balance and impression of weight was improved, thus reducing strain. Increased duration also enhanced safety.


Mechanically controlled mixed gas diving apparatus.

With the development of the ACOC a mechanically controlled mixed gas diving apparatus was invented.


Incorporation of radio communication.

To increase safety Interspiro incorporates a radio communication device with the SCBA/BA. Today this is mandatory in many countries.


Reserve air valve with warning.

INTERSPIRO creates a reserve air valve with a warning before the valve is completely closed.


Quick connection of an extra mask.

Development of a positive pressure extra mask and artificial respiration unit with a quick coupling to the SCBA/BA to aid victims.


Ventilation of gastight suits.

Comfort and user safety were greatly enhanced when Interspiro used air from the SCBA/BA to ventilate gastight suits.


First breath activation.

Automatic activation of positive pressure was a logical step for improvement. The first breath activation of the positive pressure ensures this.


Divator MKII full face mask.

Interspiro introduced Divator MKII full face mask with low volume glass and automatic activation of safety pressure.


In 1974 AGA Spiro was formed as a part of AGA's medical division. In 1983 AGA concentrated its company portfolio, AGA Spiro become Interspiro and left the AGA company sphere.


Full composite cylinders.

After years of development and testing, together with ABB, Interspiro introduced the first full composite cylinder for firefighting. Weight reduction, balance and safety were key variables in this product development. The superior combination vastly increases the cylinder life, today with a NLL (Non-Limited Life) approval.


Computerized SCBA/BA: Spirotroniq.

Interspiro was once again placed in the development front line with the introduction of Spirotroniq. A computer monitors the equipment’s functions and a self-test is performed every time the cylinder valve is turned on. In accordance with Interspiro philosophy it is designed to easily incorporate future upgrades and improvements.



An INTERSPIRO SCBA/ BA is the first in the World to be approved under NIOSH CBRN – full compliance with the new NIOSH specifications for dealing with chemical, biological and radioactive threats.


Interspiro becomes part of the Ocenco group.


High-pressure surface supply.

The DP1 Surface Supply introduced an umbilical combining a high-pressure supply hose with a lifeline. This umbilical reduces weight and volume compared to existing surface supply systems and the surface attendant does not have to monitor the diving depth.


Diving with neutral buoyancy composite cylinders.

Interspiro continues to expand the field of use for composite cylinders – enabling the use of composite cylinders for diving. A flexible weight system makes the air supply neutral buoyant in water.


Divator MKIII Regulator Unit.

Ergonomic redundant regulator system designed so that the primary regulator and/or the breathing valve can be isolated in the event of freezing or other malfunction. Dual first stage regulators integrated in one unit gives the diver great advantages if problem arises during the dive.


IS-MIX Semi-Closed Mine Clearance Diving System.

IS-MIX is extremely simple and fast to prepare and operate. Maintenance costs are very low since most service can be made with little or no tools. The breathing work is minimal due to large diameter hoses and hydrostatic balanced breathing bellows. The set is neutralin water giving ease and exactness in diving procedures.


SpiroCom Voice Communication System.

The mask mounted SpiroCom unit is unique with its combination of handsfree teamtalk, integrated voice amplifier and wireless radio interface. The Team Talk feature is a voice activated, full duplex, short range voice communication within a team of fire fighters. To access the Long Distance Radio Activation the user simply pushes the push-to-talk (PTT) button on the side of the SpiroCom mask unit.



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