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Fire onboard a ship is among the most dangerous fire environments conceivable. Confined spaces, extreme heat and combustible materials multiply the complexity of the situation.An additional problem with fire on ships is that the location may be such that assistance from fire and rescue services is hard to get. The breathing protection available at the site has to serve different purposes; escape breathing devices are necessary for evacuation of staff members not directly involved in the fire extinguishing, and full SCBA/BA sets for the firefighters working on location.

Ocenco M-20.2 EEBD

The Ocenco M-20.2 is a compressed oxygen EEBD.

NIOSH & CE & MED approval.

The Ocenco M-20.2 compressed oxygen EEBD (Emergency Escape Breathing Device) is demand controlled and the normal duration is at least 15 minutes during escape and at rest it can provide up to 32 minutes of protection. 

It can be donned in seconds and oxygen starts to flow automatically. Simply unlatch the case, pull out the unit, and insert the mouthpiece and nose clip. The attached transparent hood can be donned at any time during the escape. The compressed oxygen and mouthpiece combination allows donning in a smoke filled environment.

The 15-year service life gives a very low life cycle cost. Annual visual inspection is the only required action since the cylinder is not subject to periodic inspection.
For belt worn versions, a factory service is required every 5 years. 

The unit is delivered with a secondary outer container for storage (orange). The primary container is a transparent sealed box with integrated attachment for wearing the unit on a belt.

  • Quick and easy use – pulling the unit from the case automatically starts oxygen flow.
  • Low life cycle cost with a 15 year service life requiring only visual inspection.
  • Belt wearable – so light and compact it can be worn comfortably on a belt in confined spaces.
  • Full visibility – the clear hood protects the user from hazardous environments while allowing a full field of view.
  • Maximum Protection – Teflon hood and breathing bag provide excellent heat and chemical resistance.


There are two variants available, one for maritime and one for mining & industry. The variant for mining & industry does not have the hood. 

15 years with 5-year factory service intervals if belt-worn
Approval : 89/686/EEC Personal Protective Equipment
Approval (2) : 2014/90/EU Marine Equipment
Standard : EN 13794 (on land)
Standard (2) : ISO 23269-1 (maritime)
Material : Scrubber - LiOH
Service life : 15 years
Dimensions : 210 x 230 x 100 mm (secondary container)
Weight : 1.4 kg / 3.1 lbs

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