Spiroline HP Supply hose

The Spiroline HP supply hose is a unique high-pressure hose with a small diameter and low weight.

The Spiroline system is suitable for maintenance and rescue work in confined spaces where conventional breathing apparatus would make access difficult. It also provides a convenient way to perform decontamination procedures and search and rescue operations.
Spiroline HP is a ground-breaking innovative airline system that supplies high pressure all the way to the user.

The supply hose is a unique high-pressure hose with a small diameter and low weight. A 60-meter supply hose only weighs 5.3 kg and is extremely easy to handle. The hose dimension and weight make it possible to have hose lengths up to 120 meters.

The supply hose is secured to the user with a quick connection via a pressure regulator (P+ regulator) and to the distribution panel with a coupling that is hand tightened. Variants with an Interspiro quick connection on the P+ regulator have a locking ring to lock the connection.

There are eyelets at each end of the supply hose for connection to lines or couplings that can take up tension. The hose withstands a pull force of 2000 N and the cover of the hose is is anti-static, oil resistant, smooth and ideal to clean and decontaminate.

The working pressure is 300 bar and the hose has been tested to a burst pressure of 1200 bar.

The supply hose is available with connector of type "Interspiro" and connector of type "Euro". The Euro variant includes a warning whistle that warns the user if pressure in the air supply is disrupted.

Standard : EN15333
Material : TPU
Dimensions : Diameter - inner 6.0 mm, outer 10.8 mm

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