Spiroline MP Supply hose

The Spiroline supply hose is a medium pressure hose with one male and one female connector.

The Spiroline system is suitable for maintenance and rescue work in confined spaces where conventional breathing apparatus would make access difficult. It also provides a convenient way to perform decontamination procedures and search and rescue operations.

The medium pressure supply hose has one male and one female connection. Variants available with connection type "Interspiro" and connection type "Euro". The "Interspiro" type female connector is equipped with a locking ring to secure the connection.  

Optional lengths range from 5 meters up to 30 meters. Two hoses may be connected together for a maximum overall length of 60 meters.

Standard : EN 139
Material : EPDM
Material (2) : Textile reinforcement
Connection : Interspiro male
Connection (2) : Interspiro female
Dimensions : Diameter - inner 9.5 mm, outer 18.5 mm

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