Spare part list



2022 July


1. Only holders of a valid Interspiro Service Certificate may carry out
    service and repairs on Interspiro breathing equipment. Unauthorized
    service may result in malfunction and users relying thereon could
    sustain severe respiratory injury or death.

2. When using the spare part list always refer to the equipment's Service
    manual in regard to procedures and handling of the spare parts
    assembly and function.

3. Changes to this document – necessitated by typographical errors,
    inaccuracies of current information or improvements and changes of
    equipment – may be done at any time and without prior notice. Always
    refer to the Interspiro webpage for the latest version.

4. The description defines if the spare part is a multi-pack,
    e. g. "10 x 336100437" indicates that this is a multi-pack
    that consists of 10 pieces of the single component 336100437.
    The single component part number 336100437 can not be ordered, 
    it is only used to label parts included in service kits.

5. The service kits contain replacement items used for preventive

6.  Always refer to the Interspiro webpage for product and document
     updates and important notices.

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