Keeps you breathing.

Interspiro develops premium respiratory protection and equipment for diving, firefighting, emergency escape and rescue operations. We supply military, police, industries, shipping companies and rescue services all over the globe with standout products for extreme situations.



Join us in the battle against cancer. Jump for Cancer aims to raise awareness
against the silent threat amongst firefighters.

It's simple - You do the jumping; we do the rest!


And don’t forget to check out all of the awesome videos on #jumpforcancer.
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Diving apparatus and equipment for professionals.


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Durable and high performing breathing protection for extreme conditions.

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Easy to use emergency equipment for fast escapes.


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Search & rescue

Flexible and reliable airline systems for rescue operations.


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Let’s talk about the silent threat

Carcinogens from fires contaminates turnout gear and SCBA’s. As a result, thousands of firefighters are diagnosed with cancer every year.

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Easy Clean: our unique cleaning concept

Clean gear saves lives. Easy Clean is our brand new unique concept for safe, fast and effective cleaning of the Interspiro products. 

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S9 Incurve: The World’s Most Cleanable SCBA

The S9 Incurve is made with a minimum of textile parts, making it less susceptible to contamination and easier to clean.

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A century of innovation

A century of innovation

Interspiro began as a part of Swedish multinational industrial group AGA founded in 1904. The first regulators were developed to save gas in AGA’s lighthouses, but in the 1920’s regulators became central in the developing of respiratory protection.

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