IS-MixTM Rebreather – Developed for the most hostile waters

Our semi-closed rebreather, the IS-Mix, is a complete mine clearance system developed for disarming highly sensitive and explosive modern-day sea mines. Based on the well-proven ACSC and DCSC systems, the IS-Mix is built on more than 30 years of experience.

The sound of silence

The IS-Mix rebreather is extremely simple and fast to prepare and operate. Due to its excellent magnetic signatures and acoustic qualities the diver can swim to work undetected. Unlike many comparable systems the IS-Mix rebreather does not require a lot of calibration and a diver can enter the water in under 20 minutes.

Loaded with safety features like an active breathing warning device, a manually operated bypass function, an automatic buoyancy control valve and a separate harness life jacket system.

The forerunners to IS-Mix have been used under active service conditions to 150 meters, and in simulator conditions to 450 meters.
Anders Johnsson, R & D Manager, Interspiro

Key features


1. Divator Full Face Mask accepts most diving communication systems and affords the diver excellent vision and breathing with both mouth and nose. 2. Rated to 60 metres. 3. Weighted bellows deliver the correct dosage of fresh gas into the breathing circuit and enables the diver to breathe easy in any position. 4. Can be stored fully prepared for immediate use. 5. The harness is ergonomically designed for enhanced comfort and safety. 6. Breathable gas that can be used in an emergency

The DPX – The right kind of pressure for professional divers

The DPX – The right kind of pressure for professional divers

The IS-Mix can be combined with our revolutionary high pressure surface supply system, the DPX. It operates at 300 bar and brings you the added safety of surface supply diving without bulky hoses and complicated systems. With the hose weighing in at just 10 % of a traditional low pressure hose, it’s much easier for the diver to handle and less subject to currents. And since the regulator is incorporated with the diver’s equipment, there’s no need for the attendant to manually adjust the pressure – letting the whole team focus on the mission at hand.

The panel has a clear and simple interface divided into one deep gas side and one decompression side.

A long history of innovation

A long history of innovation

Interspiro has left a considerable imprint on history within breathing protection and our technological milestones have frequently become industry standards. During the years we have received numerous distinctions for the quality of our equipment, but we are most proud of the fact that every day professional men and women all over the world trust us with their lives as they go, haste or swim to work.

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