Spiroline Airline system – Working under pressure has never been easier

When working in confined spaces it can be difficult or even impossible to use traditional breathing apparatus. The Spiroline system is made for these situations and a popular choice for maintenance and rescue workers.

A high pressure system.
For high pressure situation.

Thanks to its ground-breaking airline system the Spiroline HP can supply high pressure air to personnel working under ground or in tight spots. The solid hose has a small diameter and a 60 meter supply hose only weighs 5.3 kg. Perfectly suited for rapid deployment in remote locations it provides a convenient way to perform decontamination procedures as well as any search and rescue operations.

Key features


1. Easy-to-use and mobile distribution panel with two connections for high pressure cylinders/air supplies. 2. The shuttle valve makes it possible to change air supply during operation, for long duration missions. 3. Available with a connector that includes a whistle that warns the user if pressure in the air supply is disrupted. 4. The lightweight and compact design allows for rapid deployments. 5. Available in lengths up to 120 meters.

Spiroline HP’s unique high pressure airline makes it extremely capable for both rescue and maintenance work.
Jimmy Pettersson Product manager Interspiro

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