The features you like. The range you need.

Take complete control over every situation with the easy to use Spirolink telemetry system. With outstanding range it keeps track of all firefighters on site, providing vital information about cylinder pressure and absorbed temperature to the Incident Commander.

Spirolink - Full control when things heat up.

Spirolink is based on the experiences of team leaders and firefighters. With Spirolink, telemetry has reached its full potential - it is the management centre that sees and hears everything.

Key features


1. Incharge ECU - Entry Control Unit with a user-friendly interface. 2. Portable with harness. 3. Incharge ECU radio with outstanding range. 4. Integrated and protected SCBA telemetry unit mounted in backplate. 

Take control with Incharge

Incharge's interface has been specially developed to work under the most difficult circumstances. The team leader gains an invaluable overview of all the firefighters on the team and is able to act in time. The logic and clear organization are obviouts to anyone who has worked in critical situations where decistions must be made swiftly. The touch screen has clear symbols and only a few buttons. 

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