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We care about you, your health and our environment.
Our environmental approach, our charity work, together with our collaboration with Rena Mälaren and Healthy Firefighters makes us proud. We always strive to make the world a little bit better. Let us show how.


The very important mission to clean our waters is now spreading around the world. Follow the hashtag #cleanourwaters, to keep you updated. Together with the Swedish organization Rena Mälaren, diving teams from fire departments as well as environmental and diving enthusiast have contributed.

We at Interspiro joined Räddningstjänsten Mälardalen when they made a huge effort to clean the water in their hometown Västerås. Emma Larsson, firefighter and diver at Räddningstjänsten Mälardalen, challenges you to pick up more trash than they did. They pulled up 1.5 tonnes of trash. Beat that if you can.

Inspired by Räddningstjänsten Mälardalen, divers at the Wolfsburg fire department in Germany have also made an incredible effort to clean their waters.

We hope you get inspired by the actions and join #cleanourwaters by cleaning your local waters from garbage and toxic waste.

Do you have any questions or want to know more, just contact us



Hands2Ocean / Rena Mälaren

Hands2Ocean (before Rena Mälaren) is a social and environmental responsible diving project started by Fredrik Johansson. The purpose is to remove toxins from Lake Mälaren / the Baltic Sea and to arouse public opinion so that we humans do not continue to throw trash in our beautiful and fragile aquatic environment.

Today, there are over 50 volunteers, both below and above the water surface, who are regularly involved, and everyone can participate and contribute. Hands2Ocean performs at least one cleaning dive a week, often more.

We at Interspiro are proud of our collaboration with Hands2Ocean and try to be involved as much as we can. Why? Well, because we care.

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Charity runs

Sometimes we support charity runs around the world. Why do we do that, yes that’s right, because we care. 

Here are firefighters from Woodhall Spa Fire Station in the UK whom ran over seven miles in their full heavy kit and breathing masks to raise money for charity. Click here to read more about this charity run.


Our new factory in Latvia

In Liepāja, Latvia, we have built a completely new factory that was ready in November 2020. Functionality and the environment have been in focus when the layout was designed. We have given special consideration to the use of environmentally friendly and energy-saving solutions, that reduce CO2 emissions. 

The roof holds solar panels that produce up to 100 kW. They contribute, among other things, with hot water throughout the factory. An air source heat pump produces heat winter time and cold during the summer. Then with assistance from the solar panels.

Why? Precisely, because we care.


Interspiro is certified according to ISO14001 because we want to protect the environment and think about the future.

Martin Söderman, Quality Manager

Healthy firefighters

Research shows that firefighters are at increased risk of suffering from certain serious illnesses compared to others. Therefore, the project Healthy Firefighters was started in Skellefteå in 2006 and the Skellefteå model was developed. We at Interspiro are proud of our collaboration with Healthy Firefighters. Why, well because we care.


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Interspiro challenges

Firefighters risk their lives to help others. In the fight against fire, they are exposed to toxic substances that increase the risk of cancer. Cancer is today one of the most common causes of death among firefighters. We at Interspiro try to do everything we can to reduce firefighters' exposure to these toxic substances, but we always feel that we can do more.

With our annual challenges, Burpees for Cancer 2019, Jump for Cancer 2020-21, we want to raise awareness of the silent threat, and assist cancer research.

With each entry, we donate money to the International Agency for Research on Cancer. A global organization working with cancer research.

Why do we do this? Because we care.

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