The Incurve SCBA – The World's Most Cleanable SCBA

Industry leading breathing performance, revolutionary materials less receptive to carcinogens, ergonomic design, unmatched communication features, telemetry capabilities and tracking technology. Discover the Incurve SCBA now!

The Incurve SCBA

Wear it for your health,
not just for safety

Long after leaving a fire scene, firefighters can be exposed to toxic and carcinogenic agents contaminating their personal protective equipment. To reduce this risk of long-term health problems, we developed the Inspire Incurve SCBA Firefighter System, with an absolute minimum of textile parts, making it less susceptible to contamination and much easier to clean. The ergonomic harness distributes the air cylinder’s weight perfectly, while its regulator system delivers industry-leading air flow rates along with the lowest breathing resistance of any approved SCBA.

Key features

1. Body-shaped non-textile shoulder straps and hip belt prevents contamination. 2. Easy adjustment for different body size without removing the set from the fire truck. 3. Quick attach for regulator unit, no tools required. 4. Hip belt and shoulder straps move independently for maximum mobility. 5. Large rescue handle - easy to grab and drag out fire fighter in an emergency. 6. Prepared for voice communication system, HUD and spectacle kit. 7. Quick connection of breathing valve to face mask. 8. Activated from inner mask with quick response time.

A closer look

Experience superior comfort

Hip belt and shoulder straps move independently for maximum mobility.

Adjustable for a perfect fit

The harness can easily be adjusted for different body sizes in four different size settings.

Reliable pneumatics

The plug-in type regulator is durable and has proven functionality with high flow capacity.

Plug and play communication

The microphone is attached and removed with a simple one-touch operation and there is a quick attachment to the mask.

Easy to handle

The mask is user friendly in the everyday work and simple to clean and disinfect.

Flexible use

Flexible configuration options and multiple attachment points for accessories.

Improve your Incurve SCBA

Recommended accessories and systems


A three-in-one communication unit that features:

  • A unique and proprietary Mask to Mask hands-free voice activated Team Talk Radio
  • Bluetooth wireless technology for Long-Range Radio Activation (PTT)
  • Voice Projection Unit
  • Perfect fit for the Spiromatic™ S8 mask


The EVAC evacuation hood is a simple and reliable lifesaver in rescue operations.

  • Inflatable neck collar gives automatic sealing
  • Large transparent visor with good field of vision



The EASE system distributes supplementary air into a SCBA within a risk area where immediate removal to fresh air of an injured or distressed wearer is not possible, “entrapment”.

  • Pressure gauge, regulator and audible warning
  • 3 meter medium pressure hose
  • Carrying bag in highly visible yellow color



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