M-20.2™ – Maximum protection, minimal preparation

The Ocenco M-20.2 can provide up to 32 minutes of protection in a smoke filled environment securing your escape. Developed for use onboard ships and preferred by, among others, the United States Navy and Coast Guard.

The best selling Emergency Escape Breathing Device today

This Emergency Escape Breathing Device offers great protection in case of sudden danger. The clear teflon hood gives the user a full field of view while providing excellent heat and chemical resistance.

Preferably mounted on strategic places, but weighing as little as 1,4 kg, it is comfortable on your belt and can be worn as a carry-on extra life when working in remote locations. The M-20.2 gives instant support and can be donned in under 10 seconds in case of emergency; just pull the unit from the case to start the oxygen flow.

The M-20.2 is the best selling EEBD for a reason. It’s easy to use, has a great lifespan and it get’s the job done.

Key features


1. Quick start activation by pulling the unit from the case. 2. A clear hood protects from hazardous environments with full field of view. 3. The mouthpiece makes it quick and easy to don the unit. 4. Small oxygen cylinder excepted from periodic inspection procedures. 5. Demand controlled, closed circuit unit with breathing bag. 6. Secondary outer container for storage.

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