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Search and rescue missions are often complicated, sometimes dangerous and in most cases a race against the clock. Interspiro have developed a ground-breaking airline system to help rescue workers enter even the smallest spaces – without having to carry heavy and clunky breathing apparatus. Airline systems are also excellent for maintenance and inspection work in confined spaces.

Our long experience
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Since the 1920’s Interspiro have kept professionals breathing in extreme conditions. Designed to make a difference in wild waters, furious fires and everything in between, Interspiro products are used by first responders, military organizations and rescue workers all over the world.

As every minute counts in a search and rescue situation we put a lot of effort in creating fast and capable solutions.
Jimmy Pettersson Product Manager Interspiro

Some of our most popular systems

Spiroline Airline system

Spiroline Airline system

Working under pressure has never been easier

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