Easy Clean is our unique concept for safe, fast and effective cleaning of the Interspiro products. With an absolute minimum of textiles, Easy Clean products are much less susceptible to carcinogens and when combined with our own detergent allows for a clean result after every wash.

We have worked with preventing health problems within the fire service for 7 years. This is high priority when we develop new products.
- Jimmy Pettersson, Product Manager Firefighting
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Easy Clean criteria

• Minimum of textiles

• Minimize absorption of particles from soot and dust

• Facilitate decontamination

• Minimal absorption of water: Less time needed for drying so the equipment can be used again directly after decontamination

• Wash proof electronics – not just watertight

• Breathing apparatus including cylinder can be cleaned in dish washers

• Facemask can be washed in washing machine

For a safe decontamination only use our cleaning agents, developed to remove soot and dust without harming the equipment over time.

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Decontamination Washing Process

We have developed a unique washing protocol for safe decontamination of Interspiro products. With our latest invention, Easy Clean, cleaning is now more precise and easier than ever before.

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