Interspiro Emergency Escape Breathing Devices – You get it on. It gets you out.

In case of a fire or major accident getting to a safe zone as soon as possible is key. That could mean passing through smoke and toxic areas. Interspiro Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBD’s) are built to help you escape such environments and are commonly used in industrial facilities, onboard ships and in commercial buildings.

Tailor made for dangerous situations

Since the 1920’s we have developed respiratory protection and regulator technology for non-breathable environments. With our long experience we know what is truly important in emergency situations. Like usability. Because it doesn’t matter how good a system is unless it’s easy to use when needed. When it comes to safety, trust the foremost innovator of breathing equipment.

No matter how well-prepared you are an emergency escape is a challenging situation. Our emergency equipment is intuitive and can be mounted within seconds.
Niclas Gyllbrink, Sales Manager, Interspiro

Some of our most popular systems



The easiest escape device on the market

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The Ocenco EBA6.5™


Proven again and again

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Maximum protection, minimal preparations

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