The Ocenco EBA6.5™ – Proven again and again

Used in mines, tunnels and sewers all over the world, the Ocenco EBA6.5 uses compressed oxygen to provide a long lasting air supply in case of an emergency. With limited service it can be used up to 15 years which means a cost per year that is best in the business.

Ready when you are. For as long as you need.

As soon as you hang the Ocenco EBA6.5 around your neck it’s got you back for a good amount of time, making it perfect for use in mines and underground. Each unit can provide the user with more than 90 minutes of oxygen during an emergency escape and up to 8 hours of oxygen  in a resting situation. It’s compact, light-weight and incredibly easy to operate. It’s put on – and fully functional – within 15 seconds.

Key features


1. The mouthpiece makes it quick and easy to don the unit. 2. Easy activated by turning the valve on. 3. Demand controlled, closed circuit unit with breathing bag. 4. Light-weight and compact design with long lasting air supply. 5. Pressure gauge visible through the clear and sealed case

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