The Spiroscape™ – The easiest escape device on the market

Spiroscape is as fast as it’s capable. With a unique ambient air valve that automatically opens when the cylinder is depleted it eliminates the risk of suffocation inside the hood. We focused on the details. So you can focus on what is important – getting out of harms way.

As rapid as can be

In case of an emergency the last thing you want to think on is how your EEBD works. That is why we made the Spiroscape as simple to use as possible. You put it on in no-time and can start your evacuation. Its usability and many smart features has made it a popular choice among industries and shipping companies.

Key features


1. Unique automatic ambient air valve eliminates risk of suffocation. 2. Patented air supply system in the hood maximizes duration. 3. Two-layered hood positions the inner mask correctly. 4. Bag equipped with carrying strap. 5. Quick start system activates the unit with one pull. 6. Regulator with auto-fill system makes it easy to recharge the cylinder

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