Interspiro Jump Challenge

Join us in the battle against cancer. Jump for Cancer aims to raise awareness against the silent threat amongst firefighters.

We challenge YOU!

Join us in the battle against cancer. Jump for Cancer aims to raise awareness against the silent threat amongst firefighters.

It's simple - You do the jumping; we do the rest!


We understand that the pandemic is making it difficult for many of you to participate in our latest challenge Jump for Cancer. We encourage you all to follow the instructions and safety guidelines provided by your local authorities, staying safe is of the utmost importance.

With this in mind we want to give everyone who wants to participate plenty of time to do so. This challenge will run for longer than our last one, and rather than running it on a weekly basis we will do it in stages. Instead of announcing winners every week, we will announce multiple winners at the end of every stage. We will update you with information about the stages, so stay tuned. If you want to participate, please don’t hesitate to do so. The challenge is not closing, and every video count in the battle against cancer.

So let’s go… safely!


  • On your own: Jump three "frogjumps", measure the distance. Ask someone to film it.
  • Or in a group: Let the first person jump three times where he/she stops let the second person jump (and so on). Measure the total distance. Ask someone to film it.
  • Full firefighting equipment (SCBA) or full diving equipment (SCUBA), full face mask on.
  • Of course you don't need to use Interspiro equipment, use whatever you have.
  • Tag the video on Facebook or Instagram with #jumpforcancer and #interspiro.
  • Tell us in the post how far you jumped.
  • We will donate €20 per video to cancer research.
  • The individual winner in each stage, will get one custom made, limited edition, Jump for Cancer cap.
  • The best group video in each stage will get a surprise box.
  • The best/funniest/most remarkable post in each stage chosen by an Interspiro jury will get a surprise box.



Our why

Not only do firefighters put their lives at risk to help others. Firefighters are also exposed to toxic agents in their line of work increasing their risk for cancer. As of today, cancer is one of the leading causes of death amongst firefighters. We at Interspiro try to do everything we can to limit firefighter’s exposure to these toxic agents, but we always feel we can do more. The Interspiro Jump for Cancer Challenge aims to further raise the awareness of this silent threat, and further assist cancer research.


It doesn’t matter where you work, who’s gear you’re using or how you feel about us. This is for you. We want to unite firefighters and divers from all over the world in the battle against cancer.


With each entry to the Jump for Cancer challenge, we will donate €20 to the International Agency for Research on Cancer. The objective of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is to promote international collaboration in cancer research.



Healthy Firefighters

Research shows that firefighters are at increased risk of suffering from certain serious illnesses compared to others. Therefore, the project Healthy Firefighters was started in Skellefteå in 2006 (Sweden) and the Skellefteå model was developed. It is comprehensive and touches on both knowledge and education, routines and flows, as well as materials and conditions. Changing working methods and following those, result in healthier firefighters over time.




Learn more about Healthy Firefighters and the Skellefteå model.

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Learn more about what we do to prevent cancer

Let’s talk about the
silent threat

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