Interspiro has a long history of respiratory protection and offers self-contained breathing apparatus, Emergency Escape Breathing Devices and airline equipment for industrial firefighting, maintenance work and inspections. We started to develop regulator technology and respiratory protection in the 1920’s an and know what is needed to stay safe in case of an emergency.

Born to resist

Industry fires rank among the most complex and dangerous environments thinkable. The toxic smoke can quickly turn narrow passages, steep stairs and confined spaces into potential death traps. Most industries also contain a significant amount of inflammable products, which makes a fire or accident even more dangerous. And if the location is remote, assistance from fire and rescue service may take time.

Interspiro provides a wide range of high performing products for industrial use. From airline systems for maintenance and inspection workers to full SCBA/BA sets for firefighters working on site. In case of an emergency, all staff should carry or have easy access to Emergency Escape Breathing Devices.

As we needed both escape equipment and breathing protection for firefighting, Interspiro was an easy choice.
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Recommended system and products

We offer a wide selection of systems and products developed for industrial use



Easy to use emergency equipment for fast escapes.

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Spiroline Airline system


Working under pressure has never been easier

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Durable and high performing breathing protection

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A long history of innovation

A long history of innovation

Interspiro has left a considerable imprint on history within both diving and firefighting. Our technological milestones have frequently become industry standards. Every day, all around the world, our equipment stands trial to the toughest and most difficult of diving conditions. Interspiro divers are not sport divers; they are the best-trained and most experienced underwater professionals on earth.

Our story in full

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