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Interspiro supplies military/defense organizations and police departments with state-of-the-art breathing apparatus and auxiliary equipment for search and rescue missions, emergency escape, firefighting and diving in harsh conditions. Since 1948 Interspiro has worked to improve the safety and efficiency of professional diving. Today we are trusted by elite divers in all corners of the world. 

No matter the conditions, we got your back

We started with respiratory protection for non-breathable situations way back in the 1920´s and since 1948 Interspiro has worked to improve the safety and efficiency of professional diving. Every day, all around the world, our equipment stands trial to the toughest and most difficult environments. From blazing fires to dark waters.

Our history is full of technical milestones and achievements and we always put personal safety first when developing new products and features. Because we see it as our job to make sure that you can do yours.

With no room for error we need equipment we can trust time and again. The Divator products are versatile, capable and proven in action.
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Recommended systems and products

We offer a wide selection of systems and products developed for police and military operations



Durable and high performing breathing protection for extreme conditions.

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Maximum protection, minimal preparation.

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SCUBA and rebreathers


Diving apparatus and equipment for professionals.

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A long history of innovation

A long history of innovation

Interspiro has left a considerable imprint on history within breathing protection and our technological milestones have frequently become industry standards. During the years we have received numerous distinctions for the quality of our equipment, but we are most proud of the fact that every day professional men and women all over the world trust us with their lives as they go, haste or swim to work.

Our story in full

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