Interspiro offers emergency escape equipment and self-contained breathing apparatus for naval use. Since 1948 we have developed regulator technology and respiratory protection for work in – and escape from – hazardous environments.

Prepare for the worst. Go with the best.

A fire break out onboard a ship can be complex and extremely dangerous. The toxic smoke and heat from the flames quickly turns narrow passages, steep stairs and confined spaces into potential death traps. And should a fire occur at open sea, assistance from fire and rescue service may not be available which makes it all the more important to have necessary equipment on board.

Interspiro offers a wide range of high performing products for maritime use. All staff should carry or have easy access to Emergency Escape Breathing Devices. Firefighters working on board need full SCBA/BA sets.

Interspiro offers a perfect mix of high performing yet easy to use equipment.
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Recommended system and products

We offer a wide selection of systems and products developed for industrial use

The Spiroscape™

The easiest escape device on the market

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Maximum protection, minimal preparations

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Spiromatic 90U

Spiromatic 90U is a basic breathing apparatus (SCBA) for fire brigades, industries and maritime use.

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Spiromatic 90USA

Spiromatic 90USA is a NIOSH approved breathing apparatus (SCBA).

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A long history of innovation

A long history of innovation

Interspiro has left a considerable imprint on history within breathing protection and our technological milestones have frequently become industry standards. During the years we have received numerous distinctions for the quality of our equipment, but we are most proud of the fact that every day professional men and women all over the world trust us with their lives as they go, haste or swim to work.

Our story in full

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