Updated content July 14th, 2020

Updated disinfection instructions


Due to the situation with Coronavirus, Interspiro has updated and supplemented our instructions on disinfecting masks and breathing valves.

Personal mask and breathing valve
The best way to eliminate the spread of infection is to use personal face masks and breathing valves that are not shared by different users. We recommend using equipment in this way in all cases where this is possible.

Mask and breathing valve shared by several users
In cases where different users share face mask and breathing valve, it is important that disinfection is performed after each use, if there is a risk of Corona infection (Covid-19).


Disinfection instructions

Face masks

Regular washing with fat-dissolving washing detergents for minimum 15 minutes deactivates the virus. Submerge the face mask completely for min 15 minutes. Follow instructions in user manuals, washing posters and instructions supplied with the detergent.

Breathing valves type S, Inspire and Respire

Based on several studies, e.g. “Lancet Microbe 2020 report”, the Corona (Covid-19) virus is deactivated by heat.

To deactivate Corona virus an oven or drying cabinet that can be set to 55-70°C is used.

  1. Set the oven or the drying cabinet to 55-70°C. The time needed for deactivating the virus depends on the temperature:


Time (minutes)









Higher temperature stresses and ages the materials faster. Whenever possible, we recommend using a maximum temperature of 60°C.

Heat adjustment in ovens and drying cabinets can be inaccurate.  Use a separate thermometer to check the temperature in the drying cabinet/oven before use.

  1. Wait until the selected temperature level has been reached.
  2. Put the breathing valve (without face mask) in the oven or drying cabinet.
  3. Leve the breathing valve for the time period as specified in the above table.


Tests performed at Interspiro's laboratory show that the components of the breathing valves are not affected in the short term by this method, if used according to these instructions. However, we cannot say with certainty that the equipment remains unaffected by long-term use. The user should therefore be aware that changed instructions can be published at a later stage.


Breathing valves type Divator and Spiromatic

The breathing valves are disinfected using the same procedure as described for face masks above.


Stop disinfect masks and breathing valves with alcohol!

Please observe that the previously described method to disinfect masks and breathing valves with alcohol shall no longer be used. The previous instructions are replaced with these new instructions.

If you have disinfected breathing valves of the type S, Inspire and Respire using the method with alcohol, follow this link for an important safety advice.

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