The Interspiro Firefighting Safety System – Unmatched durability and performance

Our SCBA’s and face masks are appreciated by firefighters all over the world, for their durability, comfort and performance in extreme working conditions. With our latest models, we’ve once again set new industry standards.

Meet the Incurve™ SCBA & Inspire™ Mask

When designing our latest SCBA and face mask, we left no stone unturned. Read on to discover innovations that will make your life as a firefighter safer and easier – especially when you combine the two products into one system.

The Incurve™ SCBA. Wear it for your health, not just for safety

Long after leaving a fire scene, firefighters can be exposed to toxic and carcinogenic agents contaminating their personal protective equipment. To reduce this risk of long-term health problems, we developed a SCBA for all cylinder types, with an absolute minimum of textile parts, making it less susceptible to contamination as well as easier to clean. As an added bonus, it’s probably the world’s most comfortable harness.

Key features


1. Body-shaped non-textile shoulder straps and hip belt prevents contamination. 2. Multiple attachment points for accessories. 3. Quick-drying Kevlar straps. 4. Easy adjustment for different body size without removing the set from the fire truck. 5. Quick attach for regulator unit, no tools required. 6. Hip belt and shoulder straps move independently for maximum mobility. 7. Large rescue handle - easy to grab and drag out fire fighter in an emergency

The Inspire™ Mask. Never again hold your breath for a breath of fresh air

Ambient air is great for saving air supply, but disconnecting and connecting the breathing valve in a hurry carries unnecessary risks. That is why we gave our Inspire-H mask a unique feature. We installed an air hatch that lets you keep the breathing valve connected at all times and still breathe ambient air at will, enabling you to switch between ambient air and air supply in no time. The hatch opens through a safe double action release mechanism, and needs just a simple push to close.

Key features:


1. Prepared for voice communication system, HUD and spectacle kit. 2. Ergonomic head harness with easily operated buckles. 3. Safety flag is visible when ambient air hatch is open. 4. Quick connection of breathing valve to face mask. 5. Push cover to close ambient air hatch. 6. Activated from inner mask with quick response time.

A long history of innovation

A long history of innovation

Interspiro has left a considerable imprint on history within breathing protection and our technological milestones have frequently become industry standards. During the years we have received numerous distinctions for the quality of our equipment, but what we are most proud of are the fact that every day professional men and women all over the world trust us with their lives as they go, haste or swim to work.

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