PPE Decon Cleaner

PPE Decon Cleaner is an efficient agent for dish washer cleaning.

PPE Decon Cleaner is an efficient cleaning fluid specially developed for cleaning of breathing apparatus, cylinders, harness, hoses and other categories of personal protective equipment in dishwashers and other  automatic cleaning facilities with high pressure flushing. It is also excellent for cleaning of e.g. workbenches, floors and tools. The agent dissolves and removes soot, oil and grease and other dirt from e.g. stainless steel, aluminium, glass, plastic, rubber, painted and lacquered surfaces.

NOTE! The agent is not intended for clearning of face masks - then use Interspiro PPE Decon Detergent instead.

  • Specifically devleoped and tested for efficient clearning of breathing apparatus, excluding face mask 
  • For machine washing and manual washing
  • Does not damage the equipment
  • Contains addatives that bind up soot particles and make subsequent cleaning easier. 

The surfactants and complexing agents included in the product are rapidly biodegradable and are mainly based on vegetable, renewable raw materials.

Clean the breathing apparatus, without a mask, according to the instructions on the label and according to Interspiro's posters for cleaning with PPE Decon Cleaner.

PPE Dishwasher

Dosage: about 1.0%.
Dishwashing temperature: 55-60°C.
Washing time: 20-30 minutes excluding rinses.
Heavily soiled equipment may require pre-treatment with concentrated agent that is applied by spraying 2-3 minutes before washing in machine and / or additional manual cleaning. 

Manual cleaning

Dosage: 1-5% depending on the degree of soiling. Spray on the solution or dip the object to be cleaned in the solution. Let the product work for 3-5 minutes. Treat the surfaces with a soft brush or sponge. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Hot water (35-45°C) increases the cleaning effect.

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