PPE Decon Defoamer

PPE Decon Defoamer is an agent for surface protection and foam reduction during machine washing.

PPE Decon Defoamer is a defoamer and surface protector intended for use during machine washing of breathing apparatus, harness, hoses, cylinders and regulators and other categories of personal protective equipment in dishwashers or other automatic high-pressure washing machines. The agent effectively prevents foam formation at dish temperatures above 50° C.
The agent contains special additives that prevent soot, oil, grease and similar dirt from binding to certain plastics, rubber, synthetic textiles, painted and lacquered surfaces, which facilitates subsequent cleaning. PPE Decon Defoamer does not build up any deposits, but is removed and renewed with each washing/cleaning.

• Fast defoaming
• Re-soiling protection
• For use in automatic dishwashers together with PPE Decon Cleaner
• The agent is applied in the machine with the last rinse water in dishwashers with automatic dosing
• Does not damage the equipment

The substances included in the product are rapidly biodegradable according to OECD criteria.

The agent should ideally be dosed automatically with 0.15% in the final rinse water in PPE dishwashers intended for cleaning breathing apparatus.

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