PPE Decon Detergent

PPE Decon Detergent is a detergent for cleaning masks and turn-out gear.

PPE Decon Detergent is an effective and gentle liquid detergent specially developed for cleaning face masks, firefighting helmet F300 and turn-out gear (protective clothing) used by emergency personnel. The agent dissolves and removes soot, oil and grease and other dirt and is suitable for washing e.g. cotton, polyester, acrylic, PBI, nomex, aramid, stainless steel, aluminum, glass, plastics, rubber, painted and lacquered surfaces.

• Specially developed and tested for effective cleaning of face masks, firefighting helmet F300 and turn-out gear
• For machine wash and manual cleaning
• Does not damage the face mask, firefighting helmet F300 or turn-out gear
• Contains additives that bind up soot particles and makes subsequent cleaning easier

Surfactants and complexing agents included in the product are rapidly biodegradable and are mainly based on vegetable, renewable raw materials.

Wash the masks according to the instructions on the product label and on Interspiro's cleaning posters for face mask. When washing in a machine, masks and helmets must be placed in our specially designed washing bags. Only washing programs that have been specially developed and approved for washing Interspiro face masks should be used.

Face masks

Use a specially developed mask washing program and place the masks in washing bags from Interspiro.
Washing and rinsing water temperature: max. 50°C.
Soft water (0-6 dH): 0.40%.
Medium hard water (7-13 dH): 0.50%.
Hard water (14-20 dH): 0.65%.
For manual cleaning: 0.5-3% (0.5-3 DL/10 L water).

Turn-out gear

Always follow the manufacturer's washing advice and the instructions on the product label when washing turn-out gear. For best results, use programs for heavily soiled turn-out gear.
Washing temperature: 40-max. 60°C depending on garment care label.
Dosage: 25 ML/1 KG of dry laundry or 1 DL per turn-out gear.

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