PPE Decon Textile Protector

The agent is an effective and long-acting water-repellent impregnating agent.

Interspiro PPE Decon Textile Protector is an impregnation agent for turn-out gear that provides an effective water-repellent surface that also prevents oil, soot and other dirt from binding to the surface. The impregnating agent is based on polysiloxanes and is free of perfluorinated substances.

Wash the turn-out gear in a washing machine with PPE Decon Detergent  and programs for heavily soiled turn-out gear. It is important that the garments are clean and free of detergent residues before impregnation. Impregnate the clothes in the washing machine. Use programs intended for impregnation of  turn-out gear.

approx. 25 ML/KG dry clothes
approx. 1.0 DL (100 ML) agent per turn-out gear (trousers + jacket or overalls).

Heat curing is not required. Dry the garments until they are completely dry at room temperature or in a tumble dryer/drying cabinet at a maximum of 60 C.

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