Divator Pro pack, 2 x 7.2 L

The Divator Pro is a lightweight full composite cylinder pack with 2 x 7.2 L cylinders.

Divator Pro is a cylinder diving system designed specifically for the professional diver. It combines a lightweight full composite cylinder with a balanced and adjustable weight system. 

The Divator Pro cylinder system provides new benefits for divers both above and below the surface. Above the surface the diver is very comfortable and can move easily while wearing the cylinder pack with the cylinder weight removed. At any time, the cylinder weight can be attached in a matter of seconds and the diver is ready to enter the water.
This increases the readiness of the stand-by diver and reduces back strain in the often extreme surface conditions, such as sand, mud or ice. In addition, the lower weight of the cylinders simplifies transportation of the cylinders, especially when working in small rescue boats.
The cylinder pack with 2 pcs 7.2 L cylinders with a volume of 14.4 L weighs only 9.8 kg. With the same outer dimensions the cylinder pack has a larger volume than the previous Divator Lite cylinder pack.

Below the surface the diver achieves nearly perfect balance when the cylinder weight is attached between the cylinders, at the center of the cylinder’s buoyancy. The low profile of the cylinder pack configuration allows the diver to work with less water resistance in fast-flowing currents. With the cylinder valve facing downward there are no valves or hoses behind the diver's head, greatly reducing snagging hazards. The valve down configuration allows the diver to reach the valve and all hoses even when wearing a restricting dry suit. The handle makes it is to carry the cylinder pack and also acts as protection for the regulator. The cylinder covers have flat surfaces so that the pack can be placed in a standing position.

The new user friendly attachment system guides the cylinder pack into the correct position onto the harness/BC. It is secured in place by tightening a large ergonomic handle.

  • Low profile gives safer access to confined spaces
  • Low profile minimizes resistance in current waters
  • Excellent balance for the diver
  • Quick connection interface to harness or BC/BCW
  • Convenient carrying handle 
  • Removable compensating weight 
  • Regulator position simplifies cylinder valve handling
Approval : 2014/68EU (PED)
Standard : EN12245
Standard (2) : ISO11119-3
Material : Carbon fibre with Epoxy resin
Material (2) : PET internal liner
Service life : Non-Limited Life, NLL
Working pressure : 300 bar
Test pressure : 450 bar
Breathing gas : Breathing air (EN 12021)
Volume : 14.4 L
Length : 677 mm
Width : 360 mm
Thickness : 165 mm
Weight : 9.8 kg

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