Divator Steel pack 324

The Divator Steel pack 324 is a robust steel cylinder pack consisting of 2 x 4.0 L cylinders.

The low profile of the Divator steel pack configuration allows the diver to work with less water resistance in fast-flowing currents. With the cylinder valve facing downward there are no valves or hoses behind the diver's head, greatly reducing snagging hazards. The valve down configuration allows the diver to reach the valve and all hoses even when wearing a restricting dry suit. The handle makes it is to carry the cylinder pack and also acts as protection for the regulator.

  • Low profile gives safer access to confined spaces
  • Low profile minimizes resistance in current waters
  • Excellent balance for the diver
  • Quick connection interface to harness or BC/BCW
  • Convenient carrying handle 
  • Regulator position simplifies cylinder valve handling
Approval : 2014/68/EU (Pressure Equipment Directive)
Standard : ISO 9809-2
Material : Steel - CrMo
Connection : M18 x 1.5 neck thread
Service life : Unlimited
Working pressure : 300 bar
Test pressure : 450 bar
Breathing gas : Breathing air (EN10012)
Volume : 8.0 L (2 x 4.0 L)
Length : 680 mm
Width : 257 mm
Thickness : 114 mm
Weight : 13.0 kg (empty)

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