Divator BCW

The Divator BCW is a Buoyancy Compensator with weight integration and rear wing style buoyancy.

The Divator BCW is a buoyancy compensating vest of wing type that combines high quality heavy duty construction, weight integration, and rear wing style buoyancy. The modular construction allows the transition between rugged dry suit and thin wet suit diving.

It is constructed of heavily reinforced 1050 denier ballistic nylon and compatible with a variety of options and accessories, including bladders, pockets and custom gear attachment components.
The integrated weight release system has two sizes of specially designed mesh weight pouches available. The smaller pouch is used with the brass weight 450 gram / 1 lbs and the larger pouch is suitable for the weight holder kit with room for 8 brass weights.

  • 19 kg / 44 lbs / 180 N lbs lift capacity with standard bladder
  • Weight release system with 9 kg / 19,8 lbs capacity
  • Heavily reinforced construction 
  • Fully adjustable shoulder and waist panels
  • Four sizes available
  • Quick cylinder attachment interface


Sizing chart with indicative measurements to be taken with diving suit donned:
Small (S)
Waist 64-89 cm / 25-35 inch & Shoulder to waist 36-46 cm / 14-18 inch
Medium (M)
Waist 84-104 cm / 33-41 inch & Shoulder to waist 46-56 cm / 18-22 inch
Large (L)
Waist 94-114 cm / 37-45 inch & Shoulder to waist 56-66 cm / 22-26 inch
Extra large(XL)
Waist 107-127 cm / 42-50 inch & Shoulder to waist 66-74 cm / 26-29 inch

Material : 1050 denier nylon
Material (2) : Straps - Polyamide
Lift capacity : 19 kg / 44 lbs
Dimensions : 50x90x30 cm / 20x35x12 inch
Weight : 3.8 kg / 8.4 lbs

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