Oxydive OX10

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The Oxydive OX10 is a closed circuit oxygen rebreather for covert diving operations.

The Oxydive OX10 is a closed circuit breathing apparatus for covert diving operations. It emits no revealing bubbles and operates silently with a long duration time. The maximum diving depth is limited to approximately 10 meters or in accordance with national regulations.

The breathing gas is 100% oxygen automatically delivered from the cylinder into the closed breathing circuit. The amount of oxygen delivered is proportional to the divers’ oxygen consumption while maintaining a constant buoyancy for the diver.
The 1,5-litre steel cylinder has a working pressure of 200 bar. It can be mounted and removed very quickly thanks to the quick attachment system. As an added bonus, the attachment bracket is also preventing the cylinder from rolling around when the cylinder is handled separately.

The canister absorbs exhaled carbon dioxide from the diver. The capacity of the absorber is greater than the duration of the oxygen supply. The canister can be pre-filled with absorbent, making it possible to plan and prepare for missions in advance.

The regulator unit can be quickly mounted and removed without the use of any tools. The diver can add extra oxygen into the breathing circuit by pressing the progressive bypass.
The dosage unit keeps track of the amount of oxygen that is used and adds an equal amount of fresh oxygen into the breathing circuit. The mechanism works both for rear and front positions and it also controls the buoyancy.

A low breathing resistance is achieved with the breathing bag placed on the chest, as close as possible to the diver’s lungs. It is made as one single “snap-on” unit with quick attachments and is very easy to mount and to remove to clean after use.

The comfortable harness is designed to be possible to wear for longer time periods. With a crotch strap and made from “bungee cord” material it is very flexible when moving under water or running on land. The harness design with side release buckles makes it possible to adapt the apparatus to alternative combat harness configurations.


  • Automatic relief valve in the breathing circuit
  • Bypass valve for adding extra oxygen on demand
  • Canister housing water trap collects condensed water / small water ingress
  • Eject valve for water in mouthpiece
  • Weight pouches can be added at several positions
  • Buoyancy control with 5 different positions
Variants include a non-magnetic version.
Apparatus type : Closed circuit rebreather
Design : Fully mechanical
Standard : Breathing performance - EN 14143
Standard (2) : Military standards for acoustic signature
Cylinder type : Steel
Breathing device : Mouthpiece or full face mask

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