DPX Surface supply

Item number: DPX

The DPX is a high pressure surface supply unit for rebreather systems.

The DPX is our revolutionary high pressure surface supply system. It operates at 300 bar and brings you the added safety of surface supply diving without bulky hoses and complicated systems. With the hose weighing in at just 10 % of a traditional low pressure hose, it’s much easier for the diver to handle and less subject to currents. And since the regulator is incorporated with the diver’s equipment, there’s no need for the attendant to manually adjust the pressure for diving depths – letting the whole team focus on the mission at hand.

The panel has a clear and simple interface divided into one deep gas side and one decompression side.

The DPX gas supply system consists of:
• Surface unit box
• Supply hose with PX+ regulator

When diving with the DPX surface supply system, the main gas supply is coming from the surface through the DPX diving hose with PX+ regulator to the diving apparatus. Once the DPX is connected the gas supply on the diving apparatus functions as back-up / bail-out gas supply.

The pressure gauges on the surface unit monitor the high pressure in the supply gas cylinders and the whistle gives a warning when the gas supply pressure goes below 55 bar. A switch handle is used to switch from “DEEP” to “DECO” gas. The different sides of the panel are clearly marked with red and blue colour.  


  • Simple user interface so the attendant can focus on the safety of the diver
  • Light and compact design allows rapid deployment in remote or difficult terrain
  • The small diameter of the supply hose greatly reduces resistance
  • The supply hose doubles as a safety rope

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