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IS-Mix is a semi-closed rebreather for mine clearance operations.

The IS-Mix is extremely simple and fast to prepare and operate. The breathing work is minimal due to large diameter hoses and hydrostatic balanced breathing bellows. The set is neutral in water giving ease and exactness in diving procedures. Maintenance costs are very low and most service can be made with little or no tools.

Apart from excellent magnetic signatures and acoustic qualities, the safety aspect has been given high priority. An active breathing warning device, a manually operated bypass function, an automatic buoyancy control valve and separate harness life jacket systems ensure  increased diving safety.

The mechanical dosage system keeps the fraction of oxygen constant in the breathing circuit. This is completely independent of the diving depth and the divers’ ventilation. Only two gas mixtures is needed for diving down to 60 meters. This simplifies gas logistics with regards to charging, storing and preparation.
For deep diving the design is based on additional components such as the Interspiro DPX high pressure surface supply system and stage bottles supplying the set with gas for deep dives with long duration.

The complete IS-Mix can be used with a wide range of components to suit any safety standards or operational standards.

  • Pitch and roll neutral buoyancy and minimized hydrodynamic drag
  • Automatic buoyancy control via a hydrostatic valve.
  • Built-in warning system for low breathing gas supply
  • Built-in warning system for malfunction of the gas dosing system
  • High reliability and high operational availability
  • Can quickly be made ready for immediate use.
  • Simple and fast to maintain and operate in the field
  • Carrying frame with harness can be put on well in advance before the dive without causing back pain
  • Allows for simple pre-dive checks without the need for special tools
  • Surface supply DPX and/or bailout cylinders can be incorporated as secondary gas supply


The IS-Mix in operational use by several navies around the world.

Apparatus type : Semi-closed rebreather
Design : Fully mechanical
Standard : Breathing performance - EN 14143
Standard (2) : Military standards for acoustic and magnetic signature
Cylinder type : Full composite (Type 4)
Breathing device : Mouthpiece or full face mask

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