Divator HUD

Item number: D-HUD

The Divator HUD is a warning light for low cylinder pressure.

The Divator HUD is a warning light for low cylinder pressure improving diving safety by a warning lamp flashing when the cylinder pressure has dropped below the warning level.

The HUD is mounted on the frame of the Divator full face mask. It is automatically activated when the cylinder is opened and requires no further action. The HUD needs no manual resetting after the warning has been activated. The warning is automatically deactivated at a pressure of 30 bar / 435 psi below the warning level to save battery.

The HUD is designed to be fail safe against leakage, i.e. will start to warn if leakage should occur.

  • Flashing red warning light visible to diver and buddy
  • Automatically switched on by cylinder pressure with pre-dive verification
  • No maintenance or battery replacement, service life 10 years
  • Integrated safety valve

There are two variants available:
1. Warning level 55 bar / 800 psi
2. Warning level 80 bar / 1160 psi.

Approval : 89/686/EEC
Standard : EN250
Connection : Clip-on to visor frame
Connection (2) : 7/16 inch UNF
Ambient air temperature : -40 to +70 C / -40 to +158 F
Diving depth : 100 meters / 328 ft
Service life : 10 years (100 dives/year)

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