Divator RS4 Regulator

The Divator RS4 is a versatile and extremely robust diving regulator.

The Divator RS4 regulator is with its extremely rugged design and high performance designed to meet the highest of requirements from the toughest professional users. The regulator has an extremely high flow capacity. The design ensures that the intermediate pressure leading to the breathing valve is stable and is not affected by pressure variations in the air supply or the depth of the dive.

  • Safety pressure to ensure no freezing.
  • Robust shockproof design with rubber cover.
  • Possibility to have up to four low pressure outputs 
  • Swiveling outputs for improved ergonomics.
  • Can be used with single cylinder or cylinder pack.
  • Available with DIN or Yoke cylinder connection
  • Dive computer can be connected to the high pressure outlet


To make the Divator RS4 versatile for all your diving needs, we have made the regulator totally modular. This gives you several configuration possibilities: two or four low pressure outlets, and an optional DP1 Surface Supply connection. The modular design enables you to upgrade a pure SCUBA version of the regulator with a DP1 Surface Supply connection whenever needed – in order to use your existing regulator together with the DP1 Surface Supply diving system.

Approval : 89/686/EEC
Standard : EN250
Standard (2) : EN250 §5.12.3 cold water performance
Connection : 2 x 3/8 or 4 x 3/8
Connection (2) : 1 x 7/16

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