Ibsophone MTIII Voice com

The Ibsophone under water comms enables communication between divers and attendant.

The Ibsophone wired under water communication system provides excellent voice communication between divers and the surface attendant. One surface unit can communicate with two divers and the divers can communicate with each other. The Ibsophone contributes to a high degree of diver safety and also improves the underwater work. When connectors are removed from the amplifier the unit is switched off.

With the head-set the attendant can use the system hands-free with the choice to have full duplex both to and from the divers. The unit is waterproof and can be submerged in water making it the best choice for the difficult conditions that are common at a dive site.

  • Robust design make the system suitable for tough environments.
  • Very easy to use - possible to focus on the dive operations.
  • Excellent sound both between divers and to surface attendant.
The unit is powered by six standard 1.5 V batteries of the type C Baby/LR14/AM2.

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