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Fire onboard a ship is among the most dangerous fire environments conceivable. Confined spaces, extreme heat and combustible materials multiply the complexity of the situation.An additional problem with fire on ships is that the location may be such that assistance from fire and rescue services is hard to get. The breathing protection available at the site has to serve different purposes; escape breathing devices are necessary for evacuation of staff members not directly involved in the fire extinguishing, and full SCBA/BA sets for the firefighters working on location.

Cylinder Quick Coupling - EN

Product number: QC-PED

The Cylinder Quick Coupling enables quick and easy connection of cylinders. PED approval.

The Interspiro Cylinder Quick Coupling is a new concept for rapid connection and disconnection of regulator and cylinder. It makes the SCBA handling process much faster and more efficient and it eliminates the hard work of turning the hand wheel every time a cylinder is replaced. The design is very robust and durable. The Quick Coupling has endured very tough life cycle tests with excessive pressure and difficult environmental conditions. The Quick Coupling is compact and fits all standard SCBA's from Interspiro. It can easily be retro-fitted to existing SCBA's and cylinders.

The Quick Coupling is connected by simply pushing the cylinder towards the regulator manifold, until they "click" together. When the SCBA is depressurized the Quick Coupling is disconnected by first pushing the locking ring away from the cylinder valve and then lifting the cylinder.
Whenever the SCBA is pressurized the coupling is firmly locked by the pressure and cannot be disconnected. 

The "Regulator part" is mounted on the high pressure connection of the regulator unit instead of the hand wheel. A red O-ring works as visual indicator if the coupling is not properly connected. 
The "Cylinder valve adapter" is mounted in the cylinder valve. A variant is available having an integrated nozzle (Excess Flow Nozzle, "EFN") to limit the air flow if the coupling is unintentionally disconnected 
The Regulator part and Cylinder valve adapter are ordered separately.

A filling adapter with quick coupling makes it possible to fill cylinders without removing the Cylinder valve adapter. The filling adapter is listed under "Accessories" below.

Approval : 2014/68/EU
Standard : EN144
Material : Stainless steel
Connection : Cylinder valve adapter - G 5/8
Connection (2) : Regulator part - M16x1
Working pressure : 300 bar
Test pressure : 450 bar
Breathing gas : Breathing air (EN12021)
Weight : <100 gram (both parts together)

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