Full composite - 6.8 L

The full composite cylinder features very low weight combined with unlimited service life.

PED approval.

The Interspiro ultra-light full composite cylinders comes in volume 6.8 Liter with an unlimited service life, ”NLL” — Non-Limited Life. It provides very low weight and reliable construction. The cylinder can be equipped with an optional Cylinder Quick coupling.

There are several options for the cylinder valves: 
Excess Flow Valve (EFV) = Reducing the air flow from the cylinder in case of damage or unintentional opening.
Safety ratchet = Mechanism preventing unintentional closing, "pull-to-close" or "push-to close".
Pressure gauge = Integrated small pressure gauge showing cylinder pressure.
Burst disc = A pressure relief device that protects the cylinder from overpressurization.

The following cylinder valve combinations are available:

  • In-line variant with hand wheel pointing straight down from the cylinder.
    1. Basic version
    2. EFV
    3. EFV + safety ratchet
    4. EFV + safety ratchet + pressure gauge
  • 90° variant with hand wheel angled 90° from the regulator connection. 
    Comes as standard with burst disc, safety ratchet and EFV.
    1. Basic version, push-to-close ratchet
    2. Pressure gauge, pull-to-close ratchet
  • 180° variant with hand wheel angled 180° from the regulator connection.
    Comes as standard with burst disc, push-to-close safety ratchet and EFV.
    1. Basic version
    2. Pressure gauge


The cylinder is delivered painted yellow. 
Technical specification available below is for empty cylinder excluding cylinder valve.

Approval : 2014/68/EU
Standard : EN12245
Material : PET liner (thermoplastic polyester)
Material (2) : Carbon fibre with Epoxy resin
Connection : M18 x 1.5 neck thread
Service life : Non-limited Life (NLL)
Working pressure : 300 bar
Test pressure : 450 bar
Breathing gas : Breathing air (EN12021)
Volume : 6.8 L
Length : 522 mm
Diameter : 164-168 mm
Weight : 3.5 kg

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