DOT - LP (2216 psi)

The DOT - LP cylinder has a working pressure of 2216 psi. DOT approval.

The DOT LP cylinder has a working pressure of 2216 psi.  

The cylinder valve includes a pressure gauge indicating cylinder pressure at all times. It has an upstream connected disc safety relief valve. The hand wheel is diamond shaped for easier handling when wearing gloves and to prevent accidental closure of the valve.

It is available in variants with 30 duration time as carbon fiber cylinder or an aluminum cylinder.

This cylinder fits low pressure versions (2216 psi) of the SCBA models "Incurve S9", "Interspiro S9", "Incurve USA", "QS II USA and "Spiromatic 90USA". 

Approval : DOT-SP 10915/TC
Material : Carbon fibre / Aluminum
Service life : 15 years
Working pressure : 2216 psi

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