Spirocom RAI - US frequency

The Spirocom RAI connects directly into the long range radio to enable wireless connection to SpiroCom XXL.

Spirocom RAI (Radio Adapter Interface) is a radio adapter that is easily attached directly to the long range radio. The Spirocom system is built to handle the difficult conditions at a fire scene and still deliver high quality sound. 

The included attachment bracket is installed on the long range radio. With the bracket mounted the RAI unit can be inserted into the bracket to connect directly into the contact of the radio. The RAI adapter is then secured to the radio by tightening the hand screw on the bracket.

The button and display is used to set the group number. Group setting is made in advance and remembered by the unit, on the way to an incident the only required action is to start the system. During use the adapter has a safety lock to eliminate the risk of activating the button by mistake when the radio is carried in a pocket.

On the top of the unit there is a robust and water tight connection for auxiliary equipment, such as external PTT or lapel speaker/microphone.

• Display showing group number setting
• Button to switch between group numbers
• Contact for connection of accessories
• Powered from the long range radio

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