Spiroline MP TRS unit

The Spiroline TRS is a mobile medium pressure distribution unit for airline applications.

The Spiroline system is suitable for maintenance and rescue work in confined spaces where conventional breathing apparatus would make access difficult. It also provides a convenient way to perform decontamination procedures and search and rescue operations.

The Spiroline TRS is an airline system that supplies medium pressure to the user. A mobile and easy-to-handle Twin Regulator System (TRS) unit is used to distribute the air from air sources through the supply hose to the user. Aided by pressure gauges and warning whistles, the attendant is in control of the air supply and prepared to change the air source when necessary.

The TRS unit is equipped with two connections for cylinders/air supplies, each with a pressure regulator, a pressure gauge and a warning whistle. The central block includes a medium pressure gauge and two connections for airline hoses.

The connections to the air sources are suitable for both 200 and 300 bar and are fitted with vent valves to reduce the pressure. The pressure in the air source currently in use
can be read on the high pressure gauge. When the air source pressure falls to 55 bar, the warning whistle is activated and the air source must be replaced.
Check valves prevent reverse flow when the pressure in the system is reduced.

Variants are available with connection type "Interspiro" or connection type "Euro".

Connection : 2 x female Interspiro or Euro
Connection (2) : 2 x G 5/8
Standard : EN 139
Warning : 45 bar

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