Case Registration

On this page you can register cases for service work, repair work, warranty claims, incidents and support issues. It is important that you give us as detailed information as possible, it helps us to handle your case efficiently and quickly.

To offer the best possible service and short response times we want you to identify your equipment. Many of the main components have a serial number and an item number on a label and/or engraved on the product. Please refer to the information below the form about product markings.

When you submit you case you will first receive an e-mail confirming your submission. Do not reply to this e-mail! With this e-mail you will receive a unique case number. 

When we start to work on your case you will receive another confirmation e-mail. When you reply to this e-mail all information will be logged on your case. You should reply to this e-mail to send in any images or other files that you want to submit together with your case. 
It is no longer possible to attach files when you first submit your case.

Any goods shipped to us must be clearly marked with this case number on the outside of the package. Make sure your equipment is cleaned before sending it. If this is not done, the equipment will be returned to sender to protect Interspiro staff from hazardous substances.

If you have problems with an electronic product, start by exchanging all batteries and re-start the unit before proceeding
For cases concerning Spirocom, it is important that the following questions are answered in the description.

  • Which radio model is used.
  • What is not working and when does it occur?
  • Has the unit(s) worked before?


Start by selecting Country and Case Type. There are four Case Types, select the correct one for you case:

1. Service and Repair - When you want service or repair to be carried out on your products

2. Warranty - When you want to claim warranty for you product

3. Incident - If it has been a serious incident involving disruption of air supply or personal injury

4. Support - Use this case type for any other kind of support you need from us related to your products




Product markings

From September 1st 2017 we introduced a new serial numbering system with serial numbers starting with a letter to define the type of product, e.g. "M1737001". Previously the serial number was only numbers, e.g. "1517001". The numbers are identified in the following way:
"M1737001" → "M" = Mask | "17" = Year 2017 | "37" = Week number 37 | "001" = running number

Item numbers are marked with labels on main components. The format is either 5 digits with a suffix, e.g. "96319-10", or a 9 digit number, e.g. "460190200".

Refer to the information below the form for detailed instructions on how to find the markings.



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