Original Service

Interspiro does everything to enable specialists to breathe safely in dangerous environments. Our respirators and peripherals are also used by firefighters, smoke divers, and professional divers worldwide. At Interspiro Original Service, we have set the bar just as high, so that you as a professional can focus on the exact job required of you.

Excellent condition pays off in the long run

We have gathered all the knowledge from building respiratory protection to also developing service and maintenance of just that, so that your device maintains the high standard required. We offer service and maintenance of your appliances so that they work optimally in all situations.


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Total Care Contract (TCC)
- Service care

- Preventive care


Service without worries

An apparatus that is always serviced and undergoes repairs on time - and by specialists - is a security for you! To always be able to trust that your device is of the highest standard is a security for you as a professional when you are faced with new challenges on a daily basis.


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Total Care Contract (TCC)
- Preventive care
Service care

Do you want to focus on other things?

Planned service maintenance and professional supervision is a matter of course. But a lot of planning and logistics may be required,
now you can focus on only the most important things that your job requires! 
With a Service and Repair Agreement, we solve the logistics and all planning that is added after agreed with you.


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- Cylinder revision

Individual assignments

Do you have a product or a few individual products from us that you need help with. Click here to get to case registration.

Contact us:


Marguerite Möberg - Service and case registrations
E-mail: marguerite.moberg@interspiro.com​

Victor Sahlholm - Service aggrements and case registrations
E-mail: viktor.sahlholm@interspiro.com

Martin Roxentjärn - Education packages and service aggreements
E-mail: martin.roxentjarn@interspiro.com​

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