Routines and flows

“Self-maintaining works best”. This is the starting point of the Skellefteå Model.

It consists of a number of elements, each of which has a special function. The model is based on a team thinking: "one for all, all for one".

Working with the model presupposes individual responsibility. The individual who deviates from the new work routines will expose himself and his colleagues to what they work together to avoid. To distinguish contaminated clothing, materials and vehicles from what is clean, clear and simple flows and routines are needed. However, these flows and routines should neither delay nor complicate everyday work.

Experience clearly shows that anything that takes effort and time or contains an increased number of work steps tends to be opted out. Simple routines such as performing extinguishing with the wind in the back can significantly minimize contamination. In car fires and the like, an overpressure fan can often be used to push fire gases away from firefighters.

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