In addition to knowledge, insight, flows and routines, certain appropriate equipment is needed to achieve a good and health-promoting work environment. It is important to create the opportunity to handle, wash and dry turnout gear separately from other clothing.


Washing machine

The washing machine for turnout gear should be of the right quality and have sufficient capacity to avoid substandard washing results or queues.


A machine for coarse decontamination of compressed air appliances must have a high capacity, as many respiratory protection often is needed even in everyday fires. The washing programs must be fast and efficient to clean the equipment without affecting its function or shortening its service life. Place the machine in close proximity to the part of the station where the used equipment is taken in, if possible.

Store and transport used equipment in a tight-fitting case

The dirt that is never drawn into a vehicle or a room also never needs to be cleaned out. In order to easily have control over what is contaminated, as much of the material as possible must be encapsulated or otherwise stored and transported enclosed while waiting for decontamination.

Adapted ventilation

The air exchange must be approved in the areas of the fire station where contaminated material is handled and stored. Air passing through these premises must also not be able to spread to adjacent spaces.



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