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Fire onboard a ship is among the most dangerous fire environments conceivable. Confined spaces, extreme heat and combustible materials multiply the complexity of the situation.An additional problem with fire on ships is that the location may be such that assistance from fire and rescue services is hard to get. The breathing protection available at the site has to serve different purposes; escape breathing devices are necessary for evacuation of staff members not directly involved in the fire extinguishing, and full SCBA/BA sets for the firefighters working on location.

Divator DP1 Panel

The DP1 is the world’s first high pressure surface supply system. The unique design, with a light weight hose that also serves as a safety line, gives the diver excellent maneuverability while still providing the security of surface supply diving.

With the hose weighing in at just 10 % of a traditional low pressure hose, it’s much easier for the diver to handle and less subject to currents. And since the regulator is incorporated with the diver’s equipment, there’s no need for the attendant to manually adjust the pressure – letting the whole team focus on the mission at hand.

The Divator DP1 supply panel has two high-pressure connections, each to be connected to a high pressure supply cylinder or cylinder pack. A shuttle valve makes it possible to change supply cylinders during the operation. The shuttle valve also includes a non-return valve for the supply hose.

  • No need for manual adjustment for various depths.
  • Simple user interface so the attendant can focus on the safety of the diver.
  • Light and compact design allows rapid deployment in remote or difficult terrain.

The DP1 supply panel is delivered with safety belt, pressure relief handle and "OPEN" sign.

All Divator regulators can be used as a bailout apparatus to the DP1 system. The bail out regulator is intended to be used when a direct warning of the surface supply failure is needed, so that full cylinders are available for decompression and/or extended time ascent.
Approval : 89/686/EEC
Standard : EN 15333
Connection : 2 x G 5/8 (supply)
Connection (2) : 1 x G 5/8 (outlet)
Warning level : 55 bar / 800 psi
Dimensions : 420 x 400 x 200 mm / 16.5 x 15.7 x 7.9 inch
Dimensions with packaging : 420 x 400 x 200 mm / 16.5 x 15.7 x 7.9 inch

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