Composite pack, 2 x 7.2L

The cylinder pack has low profile and provides the best ergnomics for fire fighting missions.

The cylinder pack has a total volume of 14.4 L with an unlimited service life, ”NLL” — Non-Limited Life. This large size cylinder pack is suitable for missions requiring extended duration time.

The cylinder pack consist of two cylinders mounted together with a pressure pipe protected inside the handle and is equipped with one cylinder valve.

Compared to the previous Spirolite 2 x 6.7 L cylinder pack, the new design has a greater air volume but the weight has been reduced by 18% 

The cylinder pack design with two cylinders has the following advantages:

  • Center of gravity closer to the body
  • Possible to move more freely, for example lying on your back when spraying water at the roof
  • Easier to drag out a fire fighter in an emergency
  • Easier handling between mission since it cannot roll and is easy to place upright


The cylinder valve has a burst disc and the hand wheel is equipeed with safety ratchet to prevent unintentional closing.
An optional pressure gauge is placed inside the handle.

The cylinder pack can be equipped with an optional quick coupling to the regulator unit.

Approval : 2014/68/EU (PED)
Standard : EN12245
Material : Carbon fiber with Epoxy resin
Material (2) : PET inner liner
Connection : M18 x 1.5 neck thread
Service life : Unlimited, "NLL"
Working pressure : 300 bar
Test pressure : 450 bar
Breathing gas : Breathing air (EN12021)
Volume : 14.4 L
Length : 677 mm
Width : 360 mm
Thickness : 165 mm
Weight : 9.1 kg

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