The Incurve-E is a new SCBA with a unique harness concept and an easy-to-read digital display.

The Incurve-E is a new SCBA with a unique harness developed together with firefighters - with every little detail in mind. With a minimum of textile parts, the Incurve harness is easy to clean, robust and light weight - without compromising comfort. The shoulder straps and hip belt is made non-textile to prevent contamination and designed to be body shaped for excellent ergonomics. 

The harness can easily be adjusted for different body sizes in four different size settings (“S”, “M”, “L”, “XL”). The selected size is clearly visible from both the front and the back. Thanks to the practical design the size adjustment can be made with the cylinder mounted and without removing the apparatus from the fire truck.

The Incurve-E has an ergonomic and easy-to-read display with powerful backlight and two big buttons. It is designed and built to work, whatever the conditions.

The digital display can be configured to show one or more of these screens:
1. Cylinder pressure in bar
2. Cylinder pressure symbol
3. Remaining air time based on actual breathing rate
4. Absorbed temperature

An automatic motion and panic alarm with motion sensor is fully integrated with the Incurve-E. It can be activated either with a tally key or automatically when the unit is pressurized. The manual override button is located on the display unit and is easy to find while being hard to press by mistake.

The distinct turn-back signal is an additional warning level for added safety. It can be configured to activate at a specific level above the low air warning or configured to automatically set the level depending on start pressure.

The unit is recording cylinder pressure, unit status, warnings and temperatures to a log file with date and time for every event.

As an additional safety feature, the Incurve-E conducts an automatic startup test checking cylinder pressure and electronic functions. This test requires no user interaction until the test is completed and the result acknowledged by the user.
Back at the station, the full start-up test is performed to check vital SCBA functions, including leakage, air flow and motion alarm functions. The user friendly step-by-step instructions on the display guide the user during the test.
A service mode can be access directly on the display unit showing relevant service data.

  • Hip belt and shoulder straps move independently for maximum mobility
  • Large rescue handle - easy to grab to drag out fire fighter in an emergency
  • Open back plate for good ventilation and low weight
  • Easy to handle and adjustable cylinder strap
  • Multiple attachment points for accessories
  • Large size text with powerful backlight makes the display easy to read


The Incurve-E SCBA can be combined with different face mask and breathing valve models which are presented under “Firefighting” & “Face Masks”.
Find the recommended face mask Inspire here:

The SCBA variants exclude face mask, breathing valve and cylinder.  

Variants are available having a quick coupling with integrated flow restrictor between regulator and cylinder.

Variants are available without extra connections (“Basic configuration”) or with extra connections for breath­ing hose and/or extra air connection for airline supply.

All variants include mechanical pressure gauge. Variants are available including or excluding a mechanical warning whistle.

The optional wireless Heads-up display, see “Accessories” below, gives a handsfree indication of cylinder pressure and with the “buddy reading” function it is visible for other team members.

The Incurve-E SCBA can be used in single cylinder or twin cylinder configuration. See “Accessories” below for twin cylinder mounting kit, cylinder T-piece and distance piece.
An optional holder to park the breathing valve is available for some breathing valve models and listed under ”Accessories” below.

Air flow : 1350 l/min
Approval : PPE 2016/425
Approval (2) : EMC 89/336/EEC
Battery type : 3 x AAA
Connection : Cylinder – EN 144 / QC
Material : Heat resistent polymer backplate
Material (2) : Kevlar webbing
Standard : EN137 Type 2
Warning : Electronic - 105 dBA
Weight : 4.4 kg (excl. mask & breathing valve)

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